Why auras? Darin C. Brown on The Master of Perceptions main character, Hunter Miller

I have friends who see auras, although I do not myself. I spent many hours researching the occult, listening to hypnotists, mediums, Reiki masters, and many others in preparation for my novels. The reason why this all works well with The Master of Perceptions is the basic premise that Hunter perceives things differently that everyone else.

There are only really three “senses” from a strict perspective. Electromagnetic, tactile (which includes vibration, the actual definition of temperature) and chemical. All perceptions are the brain’s interpretation of these sensed inputs. We all say “five senses” because Aristotle did many years ago. He was just plain wrong.

An individual’s perceptions are much more numerous. Sight (light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum), sound (vibration of the tympanic membrane in the ear transduced), smell (chemical), taste (combines chemical and tactile) and feel (tactile) are simply the most common, thanks to a dead Greek thinker.

Consider others like proprioception (the location of your body in space), direction, equilibrium (balance), attraction, acceleration, moisture, agency (sense of having made a decision) familiarity (recognition) anticipation, or social awareness. These are all truly unique to the brain of the person doing to perceiving, and therefore cannot truly be understood by anyone else. After all, there is no actual “light” or “sound” in your brain, only your individual perception of these stimuli. Who knows for sure if what actually exists in the world matches what each of us perceives? My son is color blind and can’t tell red from green. My mother cannot smell much of anything (which is why she was such a terrible cook). There are hundreds of similar examples.
If all perceptions are unique, what about auras? Maybe they give the perceiver unique perspective that others simply do not have. Might there also be ability to speak with the dead, or manipulate conscious thoughts, or anything else you might be able to imagine? Why not?

Hunter, as The Master of Perceptions, will gain control over many of these areas. His unique ability will hopefully give readers insights into their own potential.