Three Minutes to Midnight, by AJ Tata

Three Minutes to Midnight (Captain Jake Mahegan, #2)Three Minutes to Midnight by A.J. Tata

Following up on a great first book, Tony Tata pens another strong action thriller where Jake Mahegan saves the day. The plot unfolded nicely, intertwining Mahegan’s revenge on the man who killed his mother with the domestic terrorist attack. The military jargon throughout reminds you that Tata is a general himself, and since the protagonist is a soldier, it works. My favorite character is Grace, a local whom Mahegan recruits into his cause. The only major drawback of the book was the question of motivation behind Maeve Cassidy’s need to continue drilling once she discovers the truth. That seemed very unrealistic for a soldier. However, otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I am looking forward to the next in the series!

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