Review of “The Changing Tide” by KA Dowling

The Changing Tide (Rogue Elegance, #1)The Changing Tide by K.A. Dowling
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

KA Dowling builds a relatively contemporary world where two races compete for dominance on an island where few leave, and only pirates visit. Readers learn the history of the enmity in book one, The Changing Tide. We are also introduced to Emerala the Rogue, whose value to her people is obviously significant based on the intrigue around her, but deliberately unclear heading into the second book.
The cast of supporting characters includes Emerala’s family members, the rival Chancey king and military guardsman, and pirates, one of whom was born in Chancey.
Dowling’s strongest talent lies in creating colorful scenes with a vivid vocabulary, capturing and placing the reader alongside Emerala and her allies and enemies. The story line and flow are also very good. The interactions between characters are well-written, and the ending of the first book is solid. Overall, this is an enjoyable read, and I am looking forward to the second one in the series.

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