Review of Dylap, by A.C. Salter — Fun and exciting!

DylapDylap by A.C. Salter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. The premise involves a land of fairies with a complex social hierarchy living in a magically protected city. Our protagonist, a fairy who cannot fly, is rescued from the river Twine by a one-winged night watch captain. He then seeks his own future among these tree dwellers, while simultaneously trying to discover his forgotten past. Being different then the rest, he is nearly universally despised (or feared). He meets and befriends other outcasts, but despite proving himself on multiple occasions, he is still resented. When a betrayal leads to possible extermination of the entire society, will Dylap choose to help save them all, or will he choose to follow his heart and be with a beautiful split-wing instead?

I highly recommend giving this a read!

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