Review of Atticus Crayle: The Accidental Spy, by Jason Rybak

Atticus Crayle: The Accidental Spy (Mondial Book 1)Atticus Crayle: The Accidental Spy by Jason Rybak
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Atticus Crayle is the classic young adult hero. He has the brains but not the brawn, and he has mad skills despite his face being an open book. This first installment of the Mondial series introduces Atticus during his initial spy mission, one of trial by fire. He’s shot, attacked, and worse, attracted to a young female with similar interests to his.
During his ordeal to rescue the kidnapped girl, and then the kidnapped rescuer, he never loses his head (except when encountering attractive members of the opposite gender) and he helps save the day.
The plot is just enough to keep you on edge for the entire book, and the conclusion closes the story line while leaving open enough for the next book in the series to pick up without a hitch.
This is an enjoyable novel for those interested in YA lit, and I recommend it highly.

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