Lord of Fire — Wytchfae #5, by Flossie Benton Rogers

Lord of Fire (Wytchfae, #5)Lord of Fire by Flossie Benton Rogers
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a quick and fun read, a cross between fantasy and romance, with a bit of action sprinkled in.

The world-build is interesting, in that Fae and other creatures use cell phones and drive cars, and the ability to travel to other realities and times is taken as a given (probably built up in the prior books, as this is #5 in the series).

The writer is clearly an expert in Reiki and chakras, and she does a nice job conveying how the colors, crystals, and universal energy would interact in her worlds. It’s not heavy on that theme, but it adds flavor.

I like the character of Hawk, the warrior whose been displaced from his army. He is smitten by Garnet, whose initial toughness really gets thrown out the window as she instead morphs into a damsel in distress. I would have expected more from her based on the way the book started.

The action is limited and confusing. However, it’s not trying to be an action book, despite the cover art and title. Its a romance, as the plot is based on a love connection that develops throughout the book, right into the final scene.

Because I am not a romance reader, I would have liked to see more action, development of the world build, and strength of character for Garnet. However, it is still fun and easy to read, the kind you read a chapter or two before bed every night for a week and feel good about, and I recommend it especially for those who’d enjoy a light romance novella.

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