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Review of “First Year,” by Rachel E. Carter

First Year by Rachel E. Carter My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is a very good series introduction. From the critical side, my first impression was that Rachel Carter broke one of the cardinal rules of naming lead characters–using one that could be hard to pronounce. “Ryiah” doesn’t flow from the tongue. Perhaps it is just me, but I still don’t know how to say it. The phrase “you guessed it” also made me cringe when it appeared outside a quotation, as I think she tried a bit too hard write like a 15 year old girl. I also … Read More

The Sight of Demons officially released!

I am excited to announce the release of The Sight of Demons, the first in The Master of Perceptions Series! Amazon — https://www.amazon.com/dp/1592987443 Barnes & Noble — https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-sight-of-demons-darin-c-brown/1127232792?ean=9781592987443 It is currently available in paperback through these and other retailers. Here is the video of me opening the first boxes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgXAOjCLrbA  

Three Minutes to Midnight, by AJ Tata

Three Minutes to Midnight by A.J. Tata Following up on a great first book, Tony Tata pens another strong action thriller where Jake Mahegan saves the day. The plot unfolded nicely, intertwining Mahegan’s revenge on the man who killed his mother with the domestic terrorist attack. The military jargon throughout reminds you that Tata is a general himself, and since the protagonist is a soldier, it works. My favorite character is Grace, a local whom Mahegan recruits into his cause. The only major drawback of the book was the question of motivation behind Maeve Cassidy’s need to continue drilling once … Read More

The Sight of Demons — scheduled for release October 16th

The first copies of The Sight of Demons should be arriving next week! I am very excited as the proof copies look phenomenal. Special presale pricing for anyone not requiring shipping will be $15. Please use the “CONTACT” form to arrange purchase. I am working on distribution channels and I will have updates soon. This book is the first in the Master of Perceptions Series, and is a young adult novel about a loner/outcast who comes to grips with his demons. The full cover (below) takes a bit to load, but it’s really cool!  Thanks Margarita Sikorskaia for the artwork, … Read More

Cool Business Card

Check out my business card for the Master of Perceptions Series! The back has the description of The Sight of Demons. Hopefully, I will be getting the pre-order page working this week! –Darin

Any bloggers out there looking for a Young Adult SciFi novel?

I am hoping to generate some interest in the upcoming launch of “The Sight of Demons” by getting some reviews and exposure on reader blogs. The first book in the series (as well as the next four) are Young Adult fiction, with a genetic engineering twist on a loner/outcast superhero motif. The coming of age novel series features a couple of social themes, including bullying. If you are someone you know reviews young adult fiction, please comment below! –DCB

Some Characters from The Sight of Demons

Some characters from book 1: Allan Marks, Bob Deluca, Brady Patrick, Davis Blovat, Dr. Burroughs, Dr. Collins, Dr. D’Allesandro, Dr. Eisenberg, Dr. Evanesh, Dr. Ginny Goodreau (PhD), Dr. Tyler, Mickey Murphy, Erin Barrett, Rob Friendly, Mr. Lajoie, Mr. Wales, Mrs. Greene, Principal Frechette, Nurse Wendy, Mary Bastino, Dr. Eitel, Miss Tilton, Kirsten Worthy, Nicole Oliver, Charlie Ramsfield, Glenn King, Patty Owens, Amy Mullens, Alan Paul, PJ Wasciewicz, Elaine Farrar, Don Schmelling, and Mike Giovanni. If you see any names your recognize, it’s probably just coincidental 🙂